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SANS 10400-XA

See what thickness of cellulose fibre insulation you require according to the new building legislation SANS 10400-XA which came into effect in 2011.


Thermguard has the highest r-Value (resistance to heat flow) when compared to all other local bulk insulation materials available on the local market.

Thermguard Thicknesses

As per “SANS 10400-XA energy usage in buildings” the standard thickness for Pretoria is 115mm while Johannesburg is 135mm of cellulose fibre insulation.

We remove old insulation

As an added service we remove and dispose of old non-performing insulation materials before the installation of Thermguard.

2-4 hours to install

An average sized homes installation will take between 2 -4 hours and is generally carried out from the exterior of the home.

Insect & rodent repellent

Thermguards borate additives ensure it is completely insect and rodent repellent. Thermguard will chase away any insects and rodents currently residing in your roof ensuring a clean and healthy home.