Thermguard Cellulose Fibre gives a true 100% seamless cover

Cellulose fibre roof insulation is the only bulk insulation available on the market which provides a true 100% seamless cover.

Unlike typical roll or board type roof insulation materials, Thermguard cellulose fibre is machine blown (dry) into your ceiling. This creates a seamless “blanket” of fibres preventing any heat gains and losses from occurring through gaps, obstacles and hard to reach places which would otherwise drastically reduce the insulation materials effectiveness. Furthermore, Thermguard roof insulation has the highest intrinsic R-values (resistance to heat flow) when compared to ALL alternative residential bulk insulation materials. Thus, under installed conditions within ceilings, Thermguard insulation is over 20% more effective than roll type insulation materials.

Cellulose Fibre

Cellulose Fibre 100% Seamless Cover

When insulating with typical roll or board type roof insulation materials one must rely on the ability of the installer to reach every inch of the roof space. The rolled insulation material being used would need to be measured correctly, cut to size and pushed in place by hand.  However, when using Thermguard roof insulation, the installer simply needs to get within 2 meters from the area being insulated. Being a “loose fill” insulation material, Thermguard acts as a fluid throughout your roofs structure encircling all brandering and roof trusses.  Roofs with very low pitches, tight spots or otherwise hard to reach nooks and crannies become easy to insulate.

Additionally, there is no need to lift, move or unsettle any wiring as is the case with roll type insulation materials. Thermguards installation process is the least intrusive method available and therefore the ideal option for older homes.

Tight Spots – No Problem!

Roof Insulation

Cellulose Fibre

No spot is too tight that Thermguard can’t insulate it! Extensions and adapters are used to reach areas as narrow as 100mm and as far as 4 meters from the installer.

Cathedral type ceilings and flat roofs do not need to be completely lifted during the installation process thus drastically reducing the complexity and cost of the installation.

Keep warm this winter. Insist on the best, forget the rest – ask for Thermguard!

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