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Thermguard is a cellulose fibre insulation that has the highest R-value when compared to ALL alternative residential bulk insulation materials available on the market. In addition, its ability to give a true 100% 100% coverage makes it the most effective residential bulk insulation locally available. Always compare R-Values of insulation materials to ensure you get the best “bang for your buck”. Ironically, more expensive and thicker insulation materials have poor performance figures.

Cellulose Fibre Insulation vs. Roll/ Board type Insulations

Besides Thermguard cellulose fibre insulation’s superior R-Values, one of the main advantages over roll type insulations is that Thermguard is machine blown dry into your ceiling providing a true 100% cover. As a result, Thermguard works like a fluid covering your ceilings structure completely. This seamless blanket prevents heat gains and losses from occurring through gaps, obstacles and similarly hard to reach places. These inefficiencies would no doubt reduce your home insulations effectiveness by up to 30%.

Under installed conditions within ceilings, Thermguard cellulose fibre insulation is over 20% more effective than typical roll type insulations. Another benefit is that Cellulose fibre insulation is also very efficient to produce. It uses 15 times less energy to manufacture than glass-fibre and 33 times less energy than polyurethane (plastic) insulation materials.

cellulose fibre insulation

**Thermguard cellulose fibre insulation is able to seamlessly cover the complete ceiling structure without any gaps. Ultimately preventing air infiltration and inefficiencies which occur with roll type insulation materials

The Colorado Study

The University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning conducted a home insulation comparative study. They compared two identical buildings, one with cellulose fibre insulation and the other with fibreglass insulation. In conclusion, the cellulose building was found to have used 26.4% less energy to heat over a 2 month period. “The performance advantage of cellulose fibre insulation in temperate climates appears to be about 26%”

Colorado Study of Fiber Glass vs Cellulose Insulation – Click to download .PDF
Colorado Study of Energy Conservation Fiber Glass vs Cellulose – Click to download .PDF
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THERMGUARD vs. Alternative Cellulose Products

As stated before, Thermguard cellulose fibre insulation is no doubt the most effective bulk insulation product available on the local market. We challenge you to compare our R-Value with our competitors. Furthermore, Thermguard is also the original cellulose fibre insulation supplier in Southern Africa with over 30 years in the industry. You can be assured that by choosing Thermguard you get a superior installation at a hard to beat price!


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