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Thermguard roof insulation has the ability to keep your home noticeably warmer in winter and cooler in summer. But, how does this all work?

Air is a poor conductor of heat making it an effective insulator- as long as it’s not allowed to move. Thermguard ceiling insulation is a loose fill cellulose fibre insulation material with a light fibrous matrix. This matrix structure allows maximum air entrapment, hence excellent insulating properties as a roof insulation. The fibres themselves being molecular have a high thermal resistance thus minimising heat movement through the insulation material. Ceiling insulation works to prevent the transfer of heat through your ceiling by acting as a barrier to heat movement. By preventing heat gains and losses, Thermguard ceiling insulation will keep your home naturally temperate and comfortable year round.

In summer, our hot African sun beats down on your roof. As a result, the air in your roof space to reach extreme temperatures, creating an oven effect. If no roof insulation is installed this heat is transferred through your ceiling making your living space extremely uncomfortable. By installing Thermguard ceiling insulation, you will be able to prevent the heat flowing downwards into your cooler home by up to 89%. Depending on your climate and current A/C usage, Thermguard ceiling insulation will pay for itself within 2-3 years.

Summer ceiling insulation

During our freezing winter months, Thermguard ceiling insulation will keep your home naturally warm by retaining the heat generated during the day inside your living space. Heat sources such as electric heaters, gas heaters or a fireplace will be unnecessary in most instances. If necessary, simply generate heat until you are comfortable, switch off the heat source and Thermguard ceiling insulation will retain the heat in your home. When fitted at 135mm, the reduction of heat flow in winter is an amazing 92%

Winter ceiling insulation


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