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Thermguard Ceiling insulation was established in 1984, using technology from the USA and Europe. Consequently, Thermguard is the original cellulose fibre manufacturer in Southern Africa. For over 30 years Thermguard ceiling insulation has been making homes more comfortable, quiet and energy efficient while also continuously improving to ensure it remains the industry leader in insulation materials.

Thermguard insulation material is manufactured using an amazing 80% recycled newsprint (one of the largest parts of our waste stream). This waste would otherwise be dumped in landfills thereby creating greenhouse gasses. It is extremely environmentally friendly, has no harmful synthetic additives and is 100% organic and biodegradable. The embodied energy (energy used to manufacture Thermguard) is 15 times lower than glass-fibre based insulation materials and almost 33 times lower than polyurethane (plastic) based insulation materials.

Thermguard ceiling insulation provides a 100% seamless cover as it is pneumatically blown dry into the ceiling. It offers a greater performance value (R-Value) than all other bulk insulation materials on the market. Its loose fill ensures it reaches all tight corners and hard to reach nooks and crannies within the roof space. These hard to reach areas are more prevalent in low pitched or complicated roofs. As a result, no gaps are left for unwanted air leakage or draughts through the ceiling.

Save Energy, Save Money with Insulation Materials

Immediate Comfort
Save Energy, Save Money

The full effect of Thermguard ceiling insulation will be apparent within 24 hours from installation. Home-owners will notice the living space become more comfortable resulting in less money wasted on heating and cooling. Good roof insulation such as Thermguard will pay for itself within 2-3 years from installation with continued savings to follow.

Sound Proof Insulation Materials

Sound Proof

Cellulose Fibre based insulation materials have the properties of an especially efficient soundproofing material. The acoustic properties of Thermguard roof insulation are most accurately demonstrated in the fact that the density is four times that of glass fibre based insulation materials. Hence, once installed, the living space will be sheltered from external noises such as road and airplane noise. Room to room noise within the property is also drastically reduced. Thermguard ceiling insulation will reduce the transmission of sound by up to 45 decibels.

Lifetime Guarantee Insulation Materials

Lifetime Guarantee

Thermguard offers a lifetime guarantee and will last the life of the building

Rodent & Insect Repellent Insulation Materials

Insect and Rodent Repellant

The borate additives in Thermguard insulation material are harmless to humans and our pets. However, it will irritate insects and rodents such that they will not live in the insulation material. The result is that the product is actually an effective pest control measure ensuring a clean and healthy home.

Money Saving Insulation Materials


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Seamless Insulation Materials

100% Seamless Cover

Besides Thermguard roof insulation’s superior R-Values. One of the most noteworthy advantages over roll type insulation materials is that Thermguard is machine blown dry into your ceiling providing 100% cover. Thermguard insulation material acts as a fluid , hence covering your ceilings structure completely. This “seamless blanket” prevents any heat gains and losses from occurring through gaps, obstacles and hard to reach places. These inefficiencies would otherwise reduce the insulation materials effectiveness by up to 30%.

As a result, under installed conditions, Thermguard ceiling insulation is over 20% more effective than roll type insulation materials.

Fire Retardant Insulation Materials

Fire Retardant

Thermguard insulation material is treated with fire retardant additives prior to its application. Consequently, it will withstand the heat of a blow lamp without melting or emitting noxious fumes. Fire tested to SANS 428 and classified B/B1/2; Thermguard ceiling insulation has been proven to protect properties against the threat of fire. It also has the ability to reduce the spread of accidental fires.

SANS 10177—“Does not have a propensity to support flame spread. No ignition of the insulation material or any resultant fire propagation was observed at any time during the test period”. Fire technology and consulting services

Recycle Insulation Materials

Green Product

Thermguard Roof insulation is the greenest of the green products. It is used in buildings to conserve energy. Consequently, slowing down the burning of fossil fuels which otherwise create greenhouse gasses. Thermguard ceiling insulation is fully organic, biodegradable and manufactured from 80% recycled newsprint. It uses 15 times less energy to manufacture than glass fibre and almost 33 times less than polyurethane (plastic) insulation materials.

Non-Allergenic Insulation Materials

Non – Allergenic

The properties of Thermguard insulation material will not affect allergy suffers. Unlike glass based insulation materials it is non- toxic and also non irritant to the skin.

Thermguard Insulation Materials can be installed in almost all ceilings:

Insulation Materials

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