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Professional Ceiling Cleaning and Roof Vacuuming Services

Having a clean roof space is essential to your family’s health!

We Turn this…

roof rats living in old roof insulation

Into this:

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We provide a professional and reliable ceiling cleaning service that specialises in roof cleaning, vacuuming of dust, bird/rat/bat faeces, roof rats carcasses, nests, dust mites, building rubble and finally old deteriorated roof insulation materials. As a result, a 100% clean roof space. Furthermore, we also deal with the eradication of roof rats, birds and other pests. Typically, we send a team of between 3 to 5 cleaners and it will take approximately half a day to a day to ensure a completely clean roof.

Why take Advantage of our Ceiling Cleaning Service?

Our ceiling cleaning services are generally made use of firstly, where home owners have unexplained allergies or ailments. Likewise, when clients have roof rats/bird infestations in their roofs, after moving into a “new home”, during renovations/modifications to their home and finally, before the installation of new roof insulation.

In Addition to ceiling cleaning and roof vacuuming we provide a number of other services:

Healthy living is essential, yet a clean roof space is often overlooked when considering a clean and hygienic environment. Many people don’t realise how many roof rats, bats, birds and other pests move through their roof while leaving behind their urine and faeces. These rodents often attract cockroaches, silverfish and insects. Even after finally ridding one’s house of these pests, their faeces remains behind.

Over the years this accumulation of faeces and urine dries up and turns to dust and bacteria which slowly makes its way into your living space through light fittings, air vents, extractor fans and gaps in cornices etc. Often this is the cause of a number of unexplained ailments including allergies, diseases, eye & skin irritations, lung diseases and also sneezing. The only way to rid your home of this dust is through thorough ceiling cleaning techniques.

There are serious health risks associated with roof rats, bats and birds living in one’s home. Infestations attract cockroaches, parasites, lice, viruses and bacteria which can consequently pose a health risk to your premises.

Below are some “symptoms” indicating your home is probably in need of a thorough ceiling cleaning:

  • Bad odours – Typically, bad odours are caused from roof rats or bird faeces, urine, old bird nests and carcasses
  • Noises on your ceilings – Generally roof rats, bats and birds living in your roof are to blame
  • Dust in your house – This can be seeping through fittings and openings in your ceiling to your living space
  • Stains on your ceiling – If this is not due to a leaky roof, chances are it is roof rats/bird faeces or rodent urine
  • Damage to rolled roof insulation, plastic pipes and electrical cables – Roof Rats are probably the cause
  • Diseases such as Typhus, Salmonella and also the intrusion of dust mites
  • Furthermore, unexplained ailments such as allergies, eye irritations, lung diseases and sneezing which won’t go away

Why Remove/Replace Old Roof Insulation?

Roof Insulation installed up until the early 20th century is often very thin and therefore ineffective when compared to new roof insulation installations. Old insulation materials also often contain a lot of roof rats droppings, dust, bird lice and other unhygienic toxins that have collected over the years. Consequently, we offer discounted ceiling cleaning rates where old roof insulation is to be removed before new roof insulation installations. If you or your family suffer from allergies it is especially relevant that you start with a clean roof space before installing new roof insulation.

Each roof cleaning job is treated seriously and with care. Our ceiling cleaning services are available to homeowners and also commercial and industrial buildings.

For a Healthy, Disease Free & Clean Roof — Ask for Thermguard Cellulose Fibre Insulation

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