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Julia Janssens, 2015

“I got Thermguard Home insulation installed about 4 years ago and I have to tell you it was one of the best investments iv made. After a freezing winter and boiling summer in my new house, I installed your home insulation and have had warm winters and cool summers ever since. Today is 40°C outside and a cool 27°C inside the house. My kids so look forward to getting home from school in these hot summer days so they can at least cool down and relax. Thanks a lot; it’s really a great product”

Mandy Skinner, 2014

“A thank you to your roof insulation team, great job done. Friendly, efficient and tidy”

Peter Roberts, 2014

“Last week after the house insulation was installed, the ambient temperature outside was 32 °C whilst the lounge was measuring 25°C, so the benefit is substantial”

Hans Haman, 2013

“Thanks again to find the time to come and do the house insulation on such short notice, much appreciated. I can already feel the difference in temperature”

Veronica Mitchell, 2013

“I would just like to thank you and Scott for accommodating me and letting me have managerial supervision while installing the house insulation as I am on my own. I would also like to thank your two members for the manner in which they handled their job being very polite and efficient while fitting the home insulation”

Carla Rheeder, 2013

“Just wanted to thank you for installing my home insulation quickly over the weekend. The company really provides a great service and the house insulation seems to be making a difference to the internal environment of my home”

Jan Stander, 2012

“Many thanks for helping out with the new home insulation. It certainly makes a big difference and is, I think, considerably better than the other roof insulation materials I had previously. I will certainly recommend it”

Clifford Schultz, 2012

“Thank you for the home insulation, it was effortless and we could start feeling the difference straight away. I do not know why I did not do this last year already”

Hugo van den Dool, 2012

“Many Thanks to your roof insulation team for a very professional installation. It is refreshing to find real quality service in SA and I wholeheartedly recommend your home insulation company. The house insulation itself has changed the dynamic of my home- quieter, warmer at night and significantly cooler during the day. This gives us the immediate result we were looking for and confidence that we made the right decision by choosing Thermguard roof insulation

Patrick Nel, 2011

“Just a word of praise for your home insulation installers that were here yesterday, really polite, professional and did a good job overall. Thanks, and I will recommend anyone to you guys that is interested in the home insulation. From a happy client, can also feel a major difference in the house. Thanks again”

Nic Strauss, 2010

“It’s been a week now, and what a difference. The heat stays inside and the cold stays out. A week ago the whole family had coughs and runny noses, but now just rosy cheeks. The temperature difference is so much after the home insulation that my son’s silk worm eggs have started hatching. The poor buggers probably think its spring, but it’s the first week in July”

Michelle Barnard, 2009

“We have experienced much more comfortable temperature levels. For once it is cooler inside the house than outside and we even prefer keeping the windows closed as to prevent the hot air coming in. Furthermore, I would like to commend the two guys that did installed the home insulation. They really knew what they were doing, were extremely friendly and were done in no time at all. Thanks once again for the prompt and friendly service”

Llewellyn Edwards, 2007

“Thank you for the way in which the whole operation was handled. In these times, when service levels are generally poor, at best, it was a pleasure to do business with you. The installation crew impressed us in the way they kept up to date with progress, promised dates were kept and of course the effectiveness of the home insulation. The difference in temperature levels in our new home is remarkable”


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